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This page will include comments from me regarding my updates to the website. I also hope over time it can be a place where readers leave comments regarding the ideas expressed on the site, in the spirit of an active and positive conversation. If you would prefer to have a private conversation with me, please email me at editorgary@aol.com.

Welcome to Meditations on Existence

by Gary Anderson on 04/29/13

Thank you for visiting. I would appreciate it if you would leave a short comment to let me know you were here. You might mention how you found the site, and what you think of its purpose and design, and the ideas expressed here.

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1. Laura Simonds said on 4/30/13 - 10:19AM
Great new website. I look forward to reading and commenting on your essays. Stay tuned!
2. Richard Simonds said on 4/30/13 - 12:28PM
After reading your manuscript about "life" seeing the website as a tangible means to establish a discussion with others is a brilliant idea AND it makes a positive use of technology to accomplish that. As I find time, I will share some of my own evolving thoughts on the topics and toss in a few of authors whose works have been meaningful to me.
3. Allen Cary said on 5/1/13 - 07:52AM
This venue is a great outlet for this conversation. I was impressed by the original manuscript that you shared with some of us a while back, but I feared it had very limited distribution. This forum is much more likely to reach a broader audience, and I applaud that approach. BTW the picture on the last essay is a bit askew.
4. Judy Keeley said on 5/1/13 - 11:28AM
Beautifully done! I look forward to reading bits & pieces in the coming weeks when I need a respite from daily life. Everyone needs a site to explore for relaxation and inspiration.
5. Stephan McKeown said on 5/2/13 - 06:21AM
Congratulation. You've created an interactive Socratic Circle to engage the thoughtful, help open up your thinking to the reader and offer an opportunity to engage, clarify and respond. Subdued colors, clear graphics and well chosen photographs create an understated, tranquil environment in which to discuss the deeply philosophical; a much more palatable prospect than contemplating an overweight Philosophy 101 text from college days.
6. karen taylor said on 10/17/14 - 05:38AM
I have enjoyed reading all of your essays. I belive you hit the mark on weddings, tribes, and the reason for rituals. Just want to add, I have chosen to live in a tribal community, the morals and exspcetations of the tribe are a very stong force in the community, more so than the laws.

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