Meditations on Existence
Concepts and Conversations
Miracles in Everyday Life
Life is full of amazing and wonderful things that fill us with joy: the beauty of a sunrise illuminating a still lake, the complexity of a hummingbird hovering next to a just-bloomed flower, and the iridescence of a butterfly’s wings opening in a place it has never been before.

But life is also marked by sadness: the unexpected loss of loved ones, wide-spread poverty in the midst of wealth, and the cruelty of war that seems to belie any faith in human goodness.

Transcending all of this is the wonder that we are aware of all of this. We can feel it, share it, remember it, and anticipate it. 

And so each generation of humanity asks the same questions: What existed before the dawn of existence? Is there some divine plan or is life just a series of random events? Is sadness and cruelty as necessary as joy is redeeming? And when we die, as we know we will, what happens next?

Thinking about events in my life, I managed to develop some personal answers to these questions. But it didn't seem to be enough just to think I had the answer  am a writer so it seemed necessary to write down what I was thinking. In these essays I am exploring my ideas by forcing them into the discipline of words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. This is the only way I know to be sure I really understand what I believe about life and death. 

On this website I have posted a series of essays I've written over the past two years that explore, in a sequential fashion, the answers I've developed for myself to what I believe are the three fundamental questions that taken together constitute a complete philosophy of life: Where did we come from? Why are we here? What happens to us after we die.